How To Watch Twitch On Roku? [A Definitive Guide 2024]

As a game addict, I frequently play games in my free time. Twitch is my favorite game streaming platform. When I became a Roku user, I just searched the Roku app on the channel store. Unfortunately, it was removed from there. After asking the members of my gaming community, I tried some of their suggestions and finally, I found some tricks to watch Twitch on Roku TV.

I am pleased to share the details here in this post so that my audience will be beneficial, especially for those gamers.

Users who installed the Twitch streaming app on Roku TV before its removal in 2017 can still enjoy the game without resorting to any bypass methods. I’m just jealous of them.

How to watch Twitch on Roku TV?

TWOKU is the app that we use to run the Twitch app on Roku TV. Some users recommend it because it works fine, but others do not recommend it because it frequently stops working. However, when you add the app in the right way, you can use it without any issues.

We just use the “Add channel with a code” feature on our profile to get the app and enjoy gaming.

You should use a computer web browser to add the channel.

Turn ON your PC and log on to Roku’s official website with a browser

Click the Sign In link at the top right corner

In the box, provide your registered Email address and Roku password, and click the Sign In button.

twitch roku

Click on the profile Icon, and select My Account option, then select Add channel with a code link.

Add Twoku app on Roku for Twitch streaming

You’ll get a box to enter the code when you click the link.

Type any one of the following code

  • twitch tv
  • TwitchTV
  • C6ZVZD

Install twitch on Roku TV

and click the Add channel button after the authentication box is solved.


A pop-up window with a warning message will appear on the screen. It states that the installed TWOKU is a non-certified channel. Roku may remove the channel without any prior notification to users. And may cause you to block your Roku account.

You can click the OK button if you are ready to accept the conditions.

And proceed with other prompts to complete installing the TWOKU app on your Roku TV.

How to use the Twitch app on Roku?

Once you add the app Via the above method, you can launch the app from the Roku apps section.

From the Home page, press the RIGHT arrow on the remote. Then navigate to the apps section. Select Twitch and launch the application on your Roku TV.

Then log in with your Twitch User ID and password. Get your favorite games from there and stream on Roku. The super Roku private listening feature will add extra entertainment to your gaming experience.

Alternate method:- The safest ever

Here we use the screen mirroring option to stream Twitch on Roku. This is one of the safest methods, so you don’t have to worry about getting your account blocked. You can screencast from your iPhone using this method.

You can either screen mirror from a PC or a smartphone (Android/iOS). However, turn one of the following features on your Roku TV based on the type of your devices

  • Enable screen mirroring (Android/Windows PC):- Settings >> System >> Screen mirroring >> Screen mirroring mode >> Always Allow.
  • Enable Airplay (iOS Device):- Settings >>Apple AirPlay and HomeKit >> AirPlay >> Turn On >> Require Code >> First Time Only

Screen mirror Twitch app on Roku

When using screen mirroring, if Twitch is playing a game on your PC web browser or smartphone, it will also be displayed on your TV screen.

To do this, first make sure to connect your Roku TV and mobile/PC to the same WiFi network. Download and install the Twitch app on your Android or iOS phone. Log in with your username and password.

If you want to cast a screen from a PC, log in to the official website of Twitch.

For Android Users: ScreenCast

Play the content from the Twitch app on your Android device. Then tap on the Cast, screencast option from the top notification bar. Just scroll from top to bottom to get the screencast feature. Once you follow the prompts, Twitch will be streamed on your Roku too.

For Windows PC users: ScreenConnect

If you start streaming, press the Windows+K keys, and a connect window will pop up to get the available wireless display and audio devices. Select the Roku device from the available list and start casting your Twitch screen on PC to Roku TV.

iPhone/iOS Users:  Airplay Twitch on Roku

I hope you have already installed the Twitch iOS app on your device. Play it. Then go to the control center of your iPhone, and select the Screen Mirroring option. It’ll show you the devices connected to the WiFi. Then select the Roku device, and your iPhone will start mirroring its screen to Roku and play on the TV screen.

In the same way, you can also get the Twitch screen mirrored through the MAC OS computers. Use the Safari browser to log in to your Twitch account. Go to the control center, select the nearby Roku TV, and start playing the game.

If the Twitch app is not working, restart or reboot your Roku TV and try again.

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